Homemade olive oil!

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OLIVE CULTIVATION, Holidays in Croatia Hrvatska


Thanks to its distinctive smell and taste, extra virgin olive oil belongs to the category of the most famous and valued oils. Extra virgin olive oil from the small fishing village of Pomer - Istria, Šćuza bay, is obtained directly from the fruit of the olive tree, whereby the fresh fruit is subjected to exclusively mechanical procedures so that all ingredients remain original in composition.

The tradition of olive growing in Istria stretches back thousands of years, and our aspiration is to create a truly unique extra virgin olive oil here. Years of giving up the whole family, hard work and, above all, passion for our country and the olive tree, encouraged us to continue the tradition.

Buža, Bianchera (Istarska Bjelica), Carbonazza (Crnica), Moražola and Rožinjola (Rosulja) are types of olives planted in Istria.

OLIVE HARVEST, Holidays in Croatia Hrvatska


On our family farm, the olive trees are illuminated by the sun and the wind blows them from the sea, completely ecological cultivation!

Carefully selected healthy olive fruits are first crushed by crushing, and then pure olive oil is squeezed by pressing in order to preserve all its fullness.

Due to the optimal harvesting of olives, the oil as a product of oil mill extraction fully contains all the balanced and harmonious aromas and flavors. Such oils have unique varietal characteristics, which remain in the bottle for a very long time. Only such oils are true value for money.

OLIVE PROCESSING, Holidays in Croatia Hrvatska


Extra virgin olive oil represents the best that is obtained directly from the fruit, and as proof of its high quality, mild to moderate bitterness and spiciness can be felt in the taste, as well as smells reminiscent of different fruits, vegetables and greens. Due to its natural strength, it goes well with dishes with a stronger character, such as freshly baked sea fish or irresistible sea bream.

Ecological processing of olives and the method of processing make our oil perfect.

Modern processing of olives in an oil mill consists of:

- cleaning and washing fruits

- grinding, mixing dough

- separation of the solid from the liquid part

- separation of must into oil and water